Roadside Service & Repair

Roadside Service & Repair

24/7 Vehicle Repairs and Services in Beaverdam, Ohio

As a full-service truck shop, Beaverdam Fleet Service can carry out all major and minor truck repairs. You can trust our trained professionals to service any truck, semi, trailer, or fleet vehicle.

If you’re looking for vehicle parts or tire replacements, we stock popular tire brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, and thousands of truck & trailer parts. We also stock 12 different flywheels to exchange for same-day clutch jobs. For more information about prices of used truck tires and more, call us now.

Comprehensive roadside services

  • Truck towing and repairs
  • Unlocks and jumps starts
  • Trailer reloads, load shifts and repairs
  • Emergency refueling and basic roadside assistance
  • Computer hook-up for most HD trucks and truck motors

Get premium truck repairs

  • Brake repair
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Tire replacement
  • Electronic engine diagnostics
  • Drive line and clutch repair

Let us handle your truck & trailer with care

Don’t be left stranded on the road due to unforeseen circumstances. Our towing and repair services are just perfect for such emergencies. Call us for prompt towing and roadside assistance when you need it the most.


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What our customers say about us.

Just last night I made a call while on route 30, about 35 mins west of Beaverdam, Ohio to grab a company box van. Prices were pretty high for the tow, but the wrecker driver was a very safe driver and made sure everything was hooked up safe. Driver was friendly and that is worth 5 stars. Thanks again for gettting to me quickly and for keeping safety in mind. Schilling Graphics.


Roadside Assistance


Had an after hours roadside service call so of course I'm already watching my bank account tumble. The mechanic came out and had the truck fixed very quickly and all for far far less than I expected. Thanx guys

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